Countdown to IM Copenhagen

T-8 months

Or 34.5 weeks, or 242 days. Whatever way I look at it, I can feel some kind of pressure already building. Every time I’m in the pool, on the bike or out running, I’m envisaging what it’s going to be like on the day itself. What challenges will I face? How many walls will I hit? What part will be the hardest?

Road to recovery

After (slightly foolishly) running the Dodentocht (100km) in August, I’d damaged my ligaments in my left knee. I had to have physiotherapy to sort it out which meant about 2 months without running. I managed to keep swimming and cycling a bit but not much. 

At the end of October, I was able to start running again. Slow and short runs of course. 

I had told myself to start building up the volume again from November, mainly focusing on the bike and the swim. And this is going pretty well. I’m averaging about 5h of training for the past 7 weeks with the body responding well. I would like to get to a standard 7h/week by the end of January. If I get to that point, I’ll have a solid base with 28 weeks of training before the big day. That should be enough if the body holds out.

2019 plans

Of course a new year means new plans. The main goal is of course the Ironman in Copenhagen, but further to that, I’ll have a few races in the months leading up to August to test myself.

First I’ll have a new lactate threshold test on the 8th of January. From that point onward, I’ll also have a personalised weekly training plan so that I know I’m training properly.

Then race-wise, in chronological order:

  • 28 April: Antwerp 10 miles
  • 12 May: Great Breweries 25km
  • 16 June: Challenge Geraardsbergen (half Triathlon)

I’ll add some cycling challenges in the spring too so that I get a some good 120+km rides under the belt. I’d also like to go for a trifecta of distance challenges:

  • 5019km of cycling
  • 2019km of running
  • 219km of swimming

I think that will satisfy my competitive side, now I just need to get it all planned!

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